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Comune Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure

I'am in Genova and I never would have imagined to see how the ancient maritime Republic has preserved its charm due both to the glorious past and present caring to progress and tradition. I admire the port and the big and blue sea in contrast with the beautiful villas overlooking the via Aurelia. And then … solicited from these strong images I continue my journey touching all coastal villages from Fourth to the characteristic Recco, Camogli and Ruta, I stopped at the crossroad indicating Rapallo-Santa Margherita Ligure and I remain breathless. From there you can admire an inlet that embraces a piece of sea, surrounded by greenery skirted with villas and cottages. You must go!

I descend gently between bends along the via Aurelia, between the Green and the houses that surround the way timidly, than an orange tree Avenue in downtown introduces us to "St.", so called, confidentially by everyone, because they feel right at home. In front of you there is the sea and left the big imposing white church and you don't know what to contemplate. Santa Margherita Ligure is rich in natural wonders, but also wonderful historical. Continuing along the sea, in the upper left corner, there is the castle that stands there since 1500 to defend the city from Saracen attacks, and today it is no longer a bastion but the platform from which you can see up to the horizon. Walking through a characteristic pedestrian street you can reach the friary of the Capuchins, wonderful structure with gardens overlooking the sea. Than you find the oratorio San Erasmo, which in addition to hosting the majestic and famous Christs that during the feast of the District Court are worn with fatigue in procession by the locals, every Christmas hosts a Christ's Nativity made by the people of the village. It is not the only Festival that takes place in the country. In fact for one of them you see the sea glows of hundreds and hundreds of colored lights, little stars to honor the patron saint of the town: Madonna della Rosa. There is Spring celebration during the free distribution of "frisciò" (pancakes) burn the old man and the old woman (puppets of rope) to understand how it will be a long season of fishing, today tourist season.

S. Erasmo overlooks a square overlooking the harbour and fish market venue every afternoon at the arrival of vessels, the fish market. But suddenly a steep hill from the piazzetta, straight and majestic stairway leads to the wonderful Church of St. James Church, which by virtue of panoramic location and its proximity to the Park of Villa Durazzo is favorite for the celebration of marriages. Villa Durazzo cannot be visited both the wonderful Park, both for its frescoes and the lovely landscape.

Arrived at the port of Santa Margherita Ligure we cannot follow the road along the sea and the green of the promontory of Portofino. Useful bulwark not only beauty, but also for the cold northern winds, so that we can say that "Santa" the climate is agreeable … gentle, always tempered.

The road leads us to Close, who plays with the color green of the sea and its vegetation, so as to create a small stretch of beach is unique in the world. Continuing or along the road surrounded by vegetation and rocks or the footpath between the olive trees you reach Portofino. Who has never heard of this ancient village of fishermen? The road was built in the early 1900s, before it could be reached only by sea or facing the wonderful walk along the crest of the promontory.

You can savor all these wonders and others if you decide to spend a period of peace in the ancient village of Piscean, today SANTA MARGHERITA LIGURE or better, the Pearl of the GULF of TIGULLIO

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